Records Broken at Los Angeles Port

Records Broken at Los Angeles Port

The emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) are a main component of smog and the reduction of 60% from their 2006 levels are the lowest amounts to date. In all, the port has maintained or has exceeded the clean air progress made over the last 12 years and has met all the goals of its Clean Air Action Plan. At the same time diesel particulate matter is down 87% and sulfur dioxides are down 98%.

"Our port is driving the global economy forward - and showing the world how we can produce record-breaking growth and protect the environment at the same time," Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

"Our progress on reducing emissions to just a fraction of our 2005 levels - while we ship more cargo than ever- is proof that our Clean Air Action Plan is working and exceeding expectations," he added.

One factor for the drop in the emission levels was due to larger ships carrying more TEUs, which in turn led to fewer ship calls and less harbor craft trips. The larger ships also tend to be newer with cleaner running engines, and more of them are plugging into shore-side electricity rather than burning fuel at berth.

Multipurpose and Heavy-Lift Segment Growing

Multipurpose and Heavy-Lift Segment Growing

With demand increasing, capacity tightening and competition waning in other segments, the outlook for multi-purpose and heavy-lift fleets is brightening. It is also beginning to attract investment after a long lull.

German KG house Dr Peters had departed the heavy-lift and multipurpose investment market in the post-2009 downturn in shipping, but has recently returned to the game.

Analysts with Drewry Shipping have stated that there could be an annual growth rate of 2 to 3 percent due to improvements in a few key markets, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals and commodities.

In addition, there has been an increase over the recent past in consolidations and partnerships.

Another factor beyond the mergers and consolidations is an improvement in the capacity balance of the sector as older and smaller vessels are being scrapped. This opens the way for investment interest in modern vessels able to meet the current regulatory requirements and those that are coming into force in the near future.

Ro-Ro Increasing in US Ports

Ro-Ro Increasing in US Ports

The flow of vehicles and other Roll-On, Roll-Off (RoRo) cargo through US ports in the first half of 2018 went smoothly regardless of the threats to international trade norms. As of May, reports have shown that the ports of New York-New Jersey, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Brunswick Georgia, and Hueneme California, have handled 1.7 million cars and light vehicles. This number is an increase of 17% over the same time period in 2017.

Due to the expanding auto manufacturing industry in the Southeastern US, exports going through Jacksonville have increased and the Director of Cargo Sales at the port has stated the aim to create a "density of services" for the industry and is currently developing a new auto terminal at Dames Point. Most of the exports are heading toward Central and South America and the Middle East. Auto imports through the Jacksonville Port are originating in Japan, Mexico and Germany.

The long term indicators point to further increases in Ro-Ro. The port of Brunswick, Georgia is taking advantage of this trend to continue infrastructure investment. This move will be part of a plan to expand the throughput of the port from 800,000 units annually to 1.4 million.

At the Ports of New York-New Jersey, there was a 14% increase in auto cargo in 2017, the third year in a row that showed growth.

While trends are pointing to growth and the Ro-Ro market is strong, it is tempered by unsettled negotiations in the North American Free Trade Agreement and the long term effects of already imposed and threats of future tariffs on the global marketplace.

Technology for Visibility

Technology for Visibility

When asked, topping the list of challenges for ocean container shippers is most likely "lack of visibility".

By lack of visibility they mean they are unsure of where a container is at any given moment, and perhaps more importantly when there is a deviation from the scheduled plan. Part of the reason for this uncertainty is that the cost of active sensors being attached to all dry containers is in many cases prohibitive for accurate and continuous reporting.

Industry leaders stated in 2017 that it would not be too long before the prices dropped enough to make them available for the approximately 20 million dry containers around the globe. The reality in 2018 is that has not happened as yet, and shows no real signs of happening on the horizon.

AAnil Vitarana, former US president of United Arab Shipping Company stated "I expect sensors to be attached to all containers within the next five years. There is no chance that carriers could recover the cost as an add on. It should be considered as a service enhancement."

Such a service enhancement would be the ability for shippers to know when there is a deviation from the schedule. Knowledge of late arrivals, and by how much the arrival will be late, would allow for shippers to inform their clients of such deviations. Although there has been improvements recently, as of January 2018 the reliability of schedules was at about 66%.

The addition of technology that allows for transparency and quality reporting would benefit the industry as a whole and could open doors for future advancements.


Did You Know...


Our IFT staff has the capabilities of assisting our customers in various languages such as English, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Finnish, Spanish, Polish and Russian. We pride ourselves in being able to help our customers in their own language along with knowing the cultural background of different countries.

New at IFT...

Helping to Move the Cargo Along


Not only does IFT excel in the loading and transporting of cargo internationally, it uses that expertise to help others load cargo.

Recently IFT handled the shipment of airport cargo loading equipment that originated in Connecticut in the US. The merchandise, measuring in at a length of approximately 39 feet and weighing 28,000 lbs. was placed onto a flat rack for the transport to the Port of New York/New Jersey where it was loaded aboard a vessel for the sea voyage to the final destination in India.

The shipment went well and the cargo loader is now in place helping others to load cargo for transportation of there own.

Digging It

Digging it

IFT is currently using their vast expertise to coordinate the transport of excavation equipment used in the road construction industry from its home in Ohio.

The equipment, used in digging ditches, weighs in at over 42,000 pounds. When it was picked up, the unit was loaded onto a flatbed to make its way overland to Maryland.

Upon the arrival of the cargo in Maryland, it will be loaded into a 40HC container to complete the journey to the final destination in Saudi Arabia

Shear Brilliance

Digging it

IFT recently was the lead in handling the importation of large equipment originating in Italy, and making its way to the State of Tennessee in the US.

The metal cutting shear, a key bit of machinery used in the steel and associated industries, required a great deal of planning and expertise. IFT, as always, was up to the task.

The cutting machine, weighing in at approximately 155,000 lbs., also had the added complexity of being oversized. Due to these specifications, IFT needed to hire a trailer that would be able to handle the equipment, as well as the use of a 350 ton crane to get the equipment seated on the trailer. In addition, there was the need to get road surveys and numerous permits so that it could be transported safely.

With IFT bringing all of their expertise to bear, the shipment was completed in fine order and the cutting shear is in its final destination.

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Utah Office Hosts Meetings and Christmas Party

Balancing The Books

John: I hear your having trouble at the office.

Fred: Yes! The Director thinks the bookkeeper has been embezzling money

John: What brought him to that conclusion?

Fred: The auditor found an account marked "Accounts Deceivable".

Making Cents

A woman shipped an expensive gift to her best friend. A few days later her best friend replied with a thank you card but forgot to write something on the inside.

When her friend brought this to her attention, to escape embarrassment she said, "When I saw how much you spent on that gift... I WAS SPEECHLESS!"

Our Prized Customers


When her friend brought this to her attention, to escape embarrassment she said, "When I saw how much you spent on that gift... I WAS SPEECHLESS!"

Good Luck to all who participate!

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